Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Environmental Migration Week

Over the last decade, the issue of environmental migration has drawn headlines across the globe. However, the often times simplistic public narratives obscure the fact that environmental migration is not a straightforward matter. On the contrary, it constitutes a highly complex topic, which cannot effortlessly be differentiated from other both environmental and socio-economic-political drivers of contemporary migration. As a consequence, a growing number of scholars are dedicating their research to the field of environmental migration studies.

  • What characterizes environmental induced migration and how does it differ from other types of migration?
  • What are its local, regional, and global trends?
  • How is it related to the intersections of inequalities based on gender, income, ethnicity, and citizenship?
  • What should be the social and legal protections for environmental migrants?
  • What policy measures and strategies of social intervention does environmental migration call for?
  • How do local, regional, and international organizations deal with the issue? What are their experiences and challenges?

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