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Insect Declines in the Anthropocene: Framing is everything.

Prof. dr. Jeff Harvey (Ecological Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Abstract Governments and corporations often use nefarious but sophisticated methods of manipulating public opinion on issues that are of societal importance. In many instances, they employ propaganda to generate 'consent' for policies that are actually not in the public interest, but which only benefit tiny sectors of society (i.e. the ruling elite). In this lecture I will delve a little into the history of the public relations industry, its various strategies, and how it often defines our lives in numerous ways, and go on to explain how it threatens our future. 

18 November-PhD candidates and postdocs,

Registration https://eveeno.com/153870672

17.00-18.30 CET (Zoom) https://vu-live.zoom.us/j/96112733275?pwd=M3l6eE54UnE5a3JUQXhMMGk2QkhqQT09

The lecture is part of the 2021-2022 Aurora Societal Challenges Virtual Lecture Series & Early Career Networking Hour.

  • Listen to dynamic online lectures on crucial contemporary issues by distinguished scholars from the Aurora partner universities.
  • Meet the speakers and your fellow PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.
  • Expand your network and perhaps even start new collaborations in your research area!

Full series schedule and registration:

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