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Crowdfund action for environmental justice case covered by EJOLT: Ecuador vs Chevron

The EEB started an initiative to support environmental justice seekers from one of the better known conflicts on our map: the Ecuador vs Chevron case.

As most of you will remember, two Ecuadorean lawyers representing 30 000 victims won a case at the Ecuadorean Supreme Court, which ordered Chevron to pay US $ 9 billion for cleaning up toxics they left in the Amazon. For those who don't remember: the court case is won, but Chevron accused the lawyers of fraud and opened a separate case against them, using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act, to try to delegitimize the defendants. Chevron said: 'We will fight until hell freezes over, and then we'll fight it out on the ice". We're at the Canadian ice now. The racketeering case is starting to fall apart - because the key witness from Chevron has admitted that he was bribed by Chevron - but it means that for the time being the lawyers are cut off from conventional financing streams. To help them seize Chevron's assets in Canada and thereby finance the cleaning up of a heavily polluted area of the Amazon forest, bigger than Luxembourg, they need around €100 000.

The EEB's Global Policies and Sustainability Unit (the former ANPED with Leida, Sonia and Nick + 2 new people) has teamed up with Grrrowd, a professional crowdfunding for environmental justice platform.

What can you do?

Can you please do whatever you feel is relevant to you as a person or as your organisation? Suggestions:

*If you can give money, as a person or as an organisation: https://www.grrrowd.org/challenges/help-ecuador-oil-spill-victims-to-get-chevron-to-pay-for-the-damage/?aff=27

*If you use social media: please share or retweet what we just posted on EJOLT channels

*If you like parties: organise a fundraising event!

This campaign will run throughout 2016. A series of cartoons are being developed to assist the campaign. You can use them as you deem fit. You can get a 10% ambassador reward for each donation coming from your online sources if you register via www.grrrowd.org/ambassadors. For questions on the ambassador rewards, please contact Executive Director of Grrrowd Marco Witschge(ELIMINAR).


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